Zero side vibration for maximum precision

Zero side vibration for maximum precision

Zero side-vibration for maximum precision

Clients’ safety guaranteed by completely sealed soft membrane

Clean work and ultra-smooth pigment flow thanks to balanced air pressure

Hypoallergenic needles made from medical-grade stainless steel

Multiple inspections with 1,000X HD electron microscope ensure the quality of every needle

Slanted, elongated tip for 360-degree work view

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Cartridge Features

Medical-grade stainless steel needles

High-quality work requires high-quality needles made of medical-grade stainless steel with perfectly straight tips that won’t damage your clients’ skin. Permabeu’s B-Liner needles combine 316-grade stainless steel with medical-grade plastic. The quality-control procedures during manufacture involve multiple thorough checkpoints, including examination under a 1000X HD scanning electron microscope.

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Air-Pressure System for ultra-smooth pigment flow

You won’t have to struggle with ink dripping, splattering, or sporadic flow. The ink flows evenly throughout the procedure so that you can deposit the pigment where it needs to go and keep your work area clean.

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Stability Mechanism for maximum precision

There’s no need to worry about side-vibration: the needle stays still for drawing perfect lines and super-precise details. You can relax and focus on the design since you know that the needle will go where you want it to.

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Slim, Slanted Tip for a 360-degree work view

There’s no need for guessing, craning your neck, or remaining focused on the needle. Because you can see clearly where the needle enters the skin, you have greater control over your work. The increased precision and comfort make for a more pleasant work experience.

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Sealed Soft Membrane for backflow prevention

Safety is, of course, the most important consideration when choosing a cartridge. B-Liner eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination and ensures that you don’t jeopardize your clients’ health. The full membrane prevents the pigments from backflowing into your device, which could lead to cross-contamination between clients. Though the health laws don’t require it, we strongly recommend using only sealed cartridges, again, to prevent cross-contamination.

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How the needles are grouped together


The diameter of the widest part of one needle in a grouping


The length of the sharp point of a single needle and a measure of its sharpness


The number of needles in a grouping

People talk about us

Great quality needles and they fit great to all my pmu machines. Ink flows well. Fast delivery.

Alison J.

B-Liner cartridges have been a massive game-changer for me. The needle is very steady and makes perfect hairstrokes. 

Olga Varesher

These cartridges are hands down the best cartridges for outlining lips and drawing hair strokes! The lines it produces are amazing and there is very minimal to no trauma to the skin. I use these cartridges with my corded cheyenne spirit machine.

Jessica Johnson

This is my go to needle for nano-hair strokes.


Very well manufactured easy to use them for permanent make-up


WOW game changer. No scabbing up during healing like from cheaper brands. Heard the hype and wasn't sure it was worth the price. Worth every penny.  it's my 1st time using the brand and had great results.